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We both know that losing weight is not just about that number on the scale. It’s about reshaping your trouble spots, trimming your tummy, thinning your thighs, and shaping your arms. So we recently asked our experts to create a simple program (that takes only minutes a day) for getting the sexy shape you want in no time at all.

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Quick, what’s your #1 comfort food recipe?
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Your free guide reveals simple, proven tricks that turn your favorite comfort foods into Active Calorie powerhouses. It’s often as simple as adding or substituting an ingredient, sprinkling a few spices, or trying a healthier variation on your favorite dishes. You still get the flavors and satisfaction you want without the fat-packing effects you don’t want.

The result? You can enjoy your favorite comfort foods without the guilt!
It turns out your diet may be healthier than you think! Those little “extras” you like to add to your foods have hidden healing benefits that make them a smart choice for your body! Your free guide delivers a complete list of quick and easy ways to spice up your food and boost your health at the same time!

Love ketchup on your burgers?
No problem. Ketchup is packed with healthy lycopene that helps block cancer! But one type of ketchup contains 60 percent more lycopene. Your free guide tells you what to look for on the label!

You also discover how to:
Fight aging by adding this type of honey to your foods.
Erase foodborne carcinogens with herbs.
Boost your long-term memory by using this kind of oil when cooking.
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